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Price 1760 USD

Soyeb Bari
Soyeb Bari
online 1 year ago


14 December 2018


"Cello Bubble Guard Wall Panel" Attractive & Low Maintenance Wall Covering

7 October 2020, 17:02

Idaho, Ada County

Price 1760 USD

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ad cello bubble guard wall panel attractive & low maintenance wall covering.



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Available Size : - 8 X 4 Ft.

Thickness : - 3mm

Wall Paneling facts :

100% Waterproof

Extremely easy to install ( no mudding, sanding or painting required )

Can be applied directly over existing wall.

Termite Proof, corrosive-resistant, aging-resistant, High intensity & Impact-resistant, non-staining

Easy to clean, Hygienic

Class V2 fire rating

Acid and Alkali Proof

Heat & Sound Insulation Value

No need of paint, Epoxy Coating


Take the size of wall.

Scrape the wall.

Cut the sheet accordingly to size of the wall.

Apply special rubber base adhesive (SG 1000 of 3M / SP5 of Pidilite ) on sheet as well as on wall. Allow it to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Put the sheet on wall and apply pressure from one end to the other gradually, so that no air bubble remains inside.

Kindly note that when you use 2 sheets besides one another maintain a gap of 4mm for sealant to be filled in.

Hammer the sheet by placing a plain wooden plank as shown in figure for fixing.

Put white tape on all borders of the sheet & the wall where the sheet is put up in such a way that silicon is filled in between the portion of both the tapes. This is used as sealant which serves as a frame of the sheet on the wall.

Then remove the tape simultaneously as you fill silicon in the gaps of the tape.

And the fire proof , termite proof, long lasting wall in your favourite design is ready in few hours.



Soyeb Bari
Soyeb Bari
online 1 year ago


14 December 2018




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